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Do you need a wedding planner or consultant?

Many Couples Ask That Question

by Barbara Lundgren of Barb Wired LLC of Central Virginia

Even if you have read all of the current blogs and articles, perused numerous books on wedding planning, and attended your share of nuptials, it is a good idea to consult a professional wedding planner.  Chances are, they have seen every available venue, catering, clothing, floral, music, and officiant option in your area and can offer excellent suggestions on how to create a dream wedding within your budget.

How do I find a wedding consultant?
You might know someone who can make a personal recommendation and word-of-mouth is golden however, your easiest option might be to search online.  You might also try your local Chamber of Commerce, or tourism officials. Other wedding service providers may have suggestions or may also provide limited planning services.  We say limited due to the fact that they may also be taking care of your venue and/or catering and would not have full attention on you and your bridal party as a private planner would.

The wedding planner who is worth their weight in gold has unlimited resources and can recommend options without bias to a particular vendor.  A reputable planner should spend up to an hour with you at no charge.  After all, you could be spending as much as a year or more with this person, so there needs to be chemistry between you.  Better yet, have someone else such as your future spouse, maid of honor, or parent attend the first meeting with you.  The consultant should be professional, well organized, and punctual (or at least in contact with you if delayed).

Before setting up a meeting, explain your needs to make sure their services are flexible.  Will they consult only? Consult and facilitate the ceremony?  Or, do they require working with you from start to finish?

Should we be having this much fun?
You betcha!  If your interview is dry and boring, then this is not the person for you.  Your wedding is the most important day of your life and your wedding consultant is there to make your day as stress free as possible, so you and your family can enjoy it.  If your consultant is not enjoying his or her job, then you won’t enjoy having him or her around.  The planner will not “take over” your wedding plans, but guide you through the process, and bring you through the coming months with greater ease and a lot less stress.

Facilitator, Mediator, Friend
What is better than having someone serve all of your needs on your most important day?  Not only will your consultant make sure that everyone is in place and on task, but they will trouble-shoot any potential mishaps that might occur.  When things happen–and they do–your planner will handle them with grace and diplomacy.

The Affordable Wedding Planner

Some couples may think that having a wedding planner is a luxury and one not easily affordable.  As today’s budgets go, this might be one aspect of your planning that you feel the need eliminate.  However, having the right planner on your team is a great way to SAVE money on your wedding.  The wedding planner or coordinator is the one who has the best knowledge of area vendors, who will best fit your needs, and which ones will meet your budget.  And who better than your planner to provide you with all of the money saving ideas collected over their years of experience?  The list of “how-tos” is endless.

Can you afford NOT to have a wedding planner? 

Even if you do not have a professional event planner direct the ceremony, at least have one consult with you at some point in your planning process.  A couple of hours in consultation fees, along with his/her best referrals, could save you a bundle.  But what could be better than having all of the day-of stresses put on your planner, and you are simply free to enjoy your family, friends, guests and of course, each other!