I am attending a destination wedding; should I bring a gift to the wedding or send it to their home?

Logistics for gift transport will be tricky. Therefore, the couple would be glad to receive gifts at their home prior to or after the wedding. Their mailing address is listed with each registry for convenient direct shipping. Gift cards are a wonderful idea if you wish to bring a card to the ceremony.


Our invitation only lists the names of the adults in our family. Are children or young adults invited to the wedding or reception?

No- if your invitation does not list children, then they are not invited and you can expect the wedding and reception to be for adults only (18+ years). You might see children in the bridal party, but that does not mean it is an open invitation to all children. We do see hosts offer professional childcare, or you might ask if there is a room at the venue where you might hire your own.


There is transportation provided from the hotel…must I take that or may I drive?

So that guests may relax and enjoy the hospitality, our hosts will provide transport from the hotel(s). Be sure to check the couple’s website for all details. For some venues, there is no parking provided for guests and you must take advantage of the bus. Some guests might prefer to call Uber or Lyft however, phone service in some areas may not be available.


Will the wedding and reception be indoors or outdoors?

Again, the wedding website should give you all the info you need. If any part of the event is held outdoors, there will be grassy areas and heels may be tricky. Also know that temperatures in Virginia vary, so keep a check on the weather and pack/dress accordingly.