The "Watch"


I have a special watch that I wear to our weddings. It’s not to tell time, but more like a bracelet. It has a very unique meaning that I share with our couples.


A few years ago, my sister and were cleaning out our parent’s home after their passing. As daunting and sad as this task is, it was extremely tough in that our parents were collectors…of lots of stuff that had lost value. However, Dad had kept his old watches over the years. They brought back memories of sitting in his lap at the kitchen table, Sunday afternoon rides, and going to work with him to hang out. Each one was special. We decided to keep this particular collection and since they were not operational, we came up with a special idea.


We visited our favorite jeweler, Andrew Minton Jewelers with this idea and he loved it. He had worked with Mom & Dad years before, knew them well and loved them too. He and his team removed the watch works to replace the face with tiny photos of Mom & Dad in their early years of growing up and falling in love. In one, Dad was in his Navy uniform. In another, they were laughing like they had just heard the funniest joke ever!



So a little of Mom & Dad go to every wedding with me. When our couples are lining up to be announced to the reception, I know this might be the last time I may have a chance to speak to them together. I take them aside and show them the watch and this is how it goes…


“I want to take a moment with you before you go in for your celebration and show you something very special.” Showing them the watch I say, “This is my Mom & Dad, and they were married 67 years…now that’s your goal!”



I get many reactions…


“They look so happy”

“We will do it!”

“We got a late start, but we’re going to give it a try!”


Planning weddings is a tough business but I hope that we are not just doing that, but building marriages. Thanks for the example Mom & Dad.




Andrew Minton Jewelers

Glenmore Country Club

Dominique Attaway Photography