Keri & Riley's Elopement at LOCKN' Festival

Keri & RileyAugust 28, 2016

Keri & Riley's Elopement at LOCKN' Festival

It was a pretty warm day in August – one that a couple of Canadians were not accustomed to when it comes to humidity. But nothing could spoil the love and fun these two were about to share on their elopement day.

Keri and Riley met and traveled regularly to music festivals, so rather than choosing a venue, musicians, catering, cake, etc., they shopped for a special festival to visit and decided to get married on that weekend. They chose Central Virginia’s LOCKN' Festival in Nelson County, a four-day jam band and improv celebration hosting upwards of 30,000 visitors.

Camping is a big part of the weekend for the participants and also a way of life for Keri & Riley. But for their wedding weekend, they chose to enjoy their honeymoon time at the Hyatt Place Charlottesville.

I met Keri there to help her put the finishing touches on getting ready for Riley. She was so excited, teary and nervous all at the same time. She wasn’t accustomed to dressing up with special hair and make-up, but this was a very special day. All she wanted to do was marry Riley.

As we packed to leave, Keri gave me one of the most wonderful bouquets I have ever seen. A friend made it for her, with several types of fabric flowers and many symbols of her life and loves.

We drove to a nearby park, where Riley awaited after a morning bike ride (more to come on that detail). One favorite piece in Keri’s bouquet was a butterfly. As we prepared for the ceremony and chatted with Riley, a butterfly landed on his shoulder and decided to visit as well. It was a sure sign of a perfect day for our loving couple.

With flowers in her hair and their shoes tossed, Riley escorted Keri from the car to the shade of a beautiful maple tree where Dave Norris performed the nuptials. Simple, sweet love… that’s all there was, and all that was needed. We served a wonderful picnic lunch from HotCakes, and the couple spent their time together just being themselves, Keri & Riley.

Then it was time for their “get-away”…..a ride on a tandem bike that Riley had decorated with a “just married” sign, cans off the back and a Canadian flag. Keri added her bouquet and the “ride” was complete!

Some might think that, by eloping, they would miss out on having a reception – but no. LOCKN' Festival became the biggest reception ever, and Phish was their "wedding band"! They hopped a bus with Cville Tours and off they went.

Keri was still in her wedding dress, with bouquet in hand, and Riley carried the just married sign. Everyone stopped and took pictures with them, people bought them drinks, Blue Ridge Pizza Co. treated them to dinner, and Keri tossed her bouquet right there to the happy crowd in front of the pizza oven.

What a blast…..what a couple!